Wonder Woman is a symbol of female empowerment, independence and the force of love - just like my grandmother.  Like the cinema superhero, my grandmother, Selina Valiente, hails from an island.  But, this is far from the only thing these two mighty warriors have in common. 

Despite her lack of formal education, my grandmother was always the leader of my family. Even without schooling, she managed to run several successful businesses at home, in Guna Yala (also known as the San Blas Islands), and in Panama City. By hand-sewing and selling #molas, (traditional, colorful panels for clothing) she paid for the education of her son, my father, who became a lawyer.

With her tenacity and courage, my grandmother became my role model.  And not just as an entrepreneur.  As a child, I remember her cooking food for the less fortunate of our island, and hosting them for meals in her home. Thanks to her teachings, I grew to see love as the most powerful weapon in the world. She taught me to be compassionate and kind, and to always be willing to help those around me. 

When I was a child, my grandmother bathed me with different herbs, barks and flowers, to protect me and allow my spirit to become strong. In my adult life, I have no doubt her traditional medicine and ancient chants continue to shield, bless and defend me. Honestly, there were times in my life when I felt ashamed to talk about her medicine, because in western cultures our indigenous rituals have been seen as witchcraft - lacking scientific credibility. But today, I could not be more proud of my grandmother's traditions.  I feel extremely gratified, as now such practices are frequently recognized as powerful, even advanced, ways to heal.
My grandmother, Selina, is a true Wonder Woman incarnate. As a man, I am grateful every day to see her influence in who I have become, and how I see the world around me.  In my life, I have vowed to do all I can to honor her by working to make this world a better place for everyone.  Just as, from birth, she has taught me.

My grandmother; her home, community and cultural traditions, are all at risk of disappearing underneath the rising waters of climate change.  The people of the San Blas islands are in serious risk of losing everything, in our lifetime.  Now, is the time to act and protect our planet.  Climate change is real, and like every superhero teaches, we have the responsibility to raise our voices, raise awareness and protect each other.  Because, in truth, we all share the same home and the same mother - Mother Earth.

Edited by Lorin Mallorie

#ClimateChangeIsReal #FuckTrump #Wonderwoman