Guna yala, climate change and the story of Burwigan:

With a population of 1849 people, the island where I come from, Playon Chico, is the second most inhabited island in Guna Yala (also known as the San Blas islands) and one of the places most affected by sea level rise in Panama. Knowing the risk my indigenous culture is facing, I created the Burwigan project. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness and draw the attention of authorities of the Panamanian national government and international organizations to this urgent problem in order to raise funds to move our community to the mainland.

Mujeres Guna.jpg

My name is Diwigdi, my friends call me 'Diwi' like Kiwi but with a 'D', and I had the idea to connect various artists from different disciplines to performs artistic projects with the children of Playon Chico, who unknowingly represent one of the earliest documented cases of future climate change refugees.

These kids are the ones who have the power to change the negative patterns in our society and protect our environment. We hope to have the participation of new artists and the collaboration of art galleries, cultural centres, and embassies to carry our message around the world. The need to raise funds to move our community to the mainland is urgent. 

If you wish to participate in the Burwigan project you can contact us at or sign up with your email address to receive updates on my blog about mother earth and climate change and to get news  on our projects.

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